Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Fun

I know its been awhile. Most of our summer has been spent in Troy while Dan was on his deployment for about 6 weeks. Conner and I and the dogs of course had lots of fun. Conner has expanded his palate and has added a couple of new words. "Hey", "yes", and we think he maybe trying to say daddy. We do not hear yes that often, but he likes saying hey. Conner loves time in the swimming pool and of course time outside. There were a few days where we did not go outside due to the very hot weather and the heat advisory. Conner got better acquainted with his cousins Monica, Dana, Aiden, and Zander. Zander is closest to his age. They both had trouble with the concept of sharing, but managed to get along. My Grandpa and Uncle Darrell have cows and Conner really enjoyed seeing them up close, he even fed one some grass. He wasn't sure what to think when the cow took it from his hand. We did go to the Kansas City Zoo while we were in Troy. Somehow we picked the hottest day in June. Needless to say by mid afternoon all of us were done and ready to go home. Enjoy the picutres!

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